What can I do if the round ball of my electric car mirror won't snap in?

Electric car mirrors round ball can not be stuck in with hot water, and then slowly squeeze in to keep it for a while. I firmly believe that many drivers will equip their cars with one so that they can observe the real-time road conditions more directly. However, many friends have said that when installing the rear view mirror, they found that the ball of the mirror would not fit in.

Everyone should be prepared with special tools such as circlip pliers, screwdrivers and diagonal pliers, which are basically necessary to show off your talents in an assembly situation. Use a screw cutter to pick out the steel ring from the ball slot and apply some grease or grease so that it can be re-installed better.

With the steel hoop removed, press the cage of the support frame into the ball groove in advance to calibrate it and then press the hoop into the cage of the support frame. The hoop is opened through the hoop opening with a pair of circlip pliers and pressed back into the groove. The best way to do this process then is for two people to work with each other, one taking on the pulling of the bar and the other taking on the pressing in, which will be more agile.

Finally it can be removed by turning it 45 degrees in the opposite direction, at which point the base of the inner mirror will still be stuck to the front windscreen. To install it, point it in a good position and then just turn it 90 degrees clockwise. We also need to check how secure it is to prevent it from coming loose.