The new national standard for electric bicycles does not mandate the installation of rear-view mirrors, riding in blind spots, what is the correct approach

In the last issue, we talked about the new national standard for electric bicycle pedals that do not need to be stepped on when there is no electricity, and most of the netizens expressed their discontent. This time we are going to talk about the rear view mirror which is not included in the new national standard. This is too important for the safety of electric bicycle riding. Because the new national standard does not mandate the installation of rear view mirrors, many manufacturers in order to save costs, they omitted the rear view mirror, many users will say that when riding often look back, both inconvenient, but also unsafe!

The maximum field of view of the front of the electric car is 120°, the left rear, right rear and rear is a blind area of view of 240°, the maximum speed of the new national standard electric car 25km/h, look back for 1 second, is a blind drive forward about 0.7m distance, if it is more than a few seconds, is a blind drive several meters, if there is a stone or a turn on the road will hit it at once.