Welcome to Taizhou Zenghui Auto Co.,Ltd.

TAIZHOU ZENGHUI AUTO CO.,LTD was founded in 2000 which has vast experience with three-wheel and four-wheel scooter production and export, Our brand is ZVGREEN  and JXYDDC.

ZVGREEN is devoted to developing environmental,safe and leisure electric scooter.ZVGREEN electric scooter represents a new life style.

With customers' satisfaction amongst the top among of the electric scooter exporters,the operating performance is increasing year by year.

Taizhou Huangyan is the city of plastics and also the town of mold ,which is a big advantage for manufacturing electric scooter.ZVGREEN is famous for the production of electric scooter in Taizhou.

ZVGREEN products are reliable and can be manufactured according to customers' requirement.ZVGREEN use international standard to control the quality of all purchased items. Each of products must have the detection of runway test under a very strict points deduction system.ZVGREEN care every employees by humanities spirit and make our company into a team full of competence, affinity and cohesion. Team like this has the capability of manufacturing more products with high quality for the society. ZVGREEN regard integrity hard working, honest personality and trustful business as our company's cornerstone. ZVGREEN can not only provide our clients with excellent products, but also make a positive contribution to the community of seniors and disabled people and provide a new,healthy and leisure life style for adults.