Don't make a mistake

A man bought a new national standard electric bicycle, when he bought the car after the installation of a pair of mirrors, so that in driving safer, when the man rode to the license plate, but was told to remove the mirrors before you can, the man is very confused, he obviously bought a new national standard electric car, why can not be licensed? The answer to this was given by the DMV, because there were two mirrors installed on the car, which led to inconsistencies between the state of the vehicle and the one on the certificate, so the mirrors were removed before the license could be issued normally. The following two reasons are the key.

1. It exceeds the standard height

2. Rear view mirrors are an addition

In short, whether it's an electric car or a motorbike, adding a rear-view mirror will improve driving safety, so that when turning or changing lanes, the driver doesn't need to look behind to ensure driving safety, but the current regulations do not allow private installation.