How to best adjust the rear view mirror of an electric car

Nowadays, many electric vehicles have rear view mirrors, and the role of the mirrors is relatively large, that is, when the driver is driving the vehicle, he can see through the mirrors whether there is a big car coming from the road behind, so that he can pull over and avoid traffic accidents.

The specific adjustment methods are:

1. The driver needs to sit on top of the seat of the electric vehicle before he can use his hands to adjust the rear-view mirror;

2, you need to loosen the fixing nut of the rear-view mirror first, after loosening it, you can easily turn the mirror by hand, you can turn it left and right;

3, while turning the mirror, while looking at the mirror inside the picture, you need to adjust the mirror to be able to see their own behind the road so far;

4, after adjusting the angle of the mirror, you need to fix the nut, so that the mirror will not turn;

5, the best position of the rear view mirror should be, the driver sit on top of the electric car, can see the road behind the electric car through the rear view mirror, and is the road above the driving vehicles.