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After-sale service

After-sale service

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Electric vehicle after sales service agreement
Party A: XXXX Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd
Party B:
1、 Party A and Party B, based on the principle of "who sells, who serves", have discussed the service matters of the driving products produced and distributed by Party A
We have reached a cost agreement through consultation and abide by it strictly.
2、 Party B shall master and strictly abide by the product quality law of the people's Republic of China and the consumer rights of the people's Republic of China
Relevant national laws and regulations, such as benefit protection law, regulations on the responsibility for the repair, replacement and return of some commodities, shall be observed, and the user service management specifications required by Party A shall be observed
3、 Party B shall be equipped with complete installation tools, maintenance equipment and testing equipment, portable maintenance equipment and full-time door-to-door service
Ability to carry out large, medium and small repair services; IV. scope and term of warranty
Party B shall be obliged to provide three guarantees of maintenance service for the sold car, and the validity period of "Three Guarantees" shall be calculated from the date of invoice
During the warranty period, the consumer shall repair at the service outlet of Party B with the invoice, warranty card and other valid certificates. When Party B sends the replaced parts back to Party A for replacement within the three guarantee period, it shall provide the description of the model, frame number, color, part number, etc. of the replaced parts.
List of parts warranty: No. parts name warranty period remarks
1. The charger shall be replaced within one year and six months, 3. The motor shall be replaced within one year and six months, and 4. The battery shall be repaired within one year and six months. When the capacity is less than 60% within six months, the company shall give three bags of five potentiometers six months and six display boards six months
7. If the rear axle is used normally for one year, if there is any desoldering, deformation or fracture, 8 tires will be found
3 months due to the reasons of the product body (such as package lifting, fault, etc.) 9 months due to the thermal protector 10 months
No more than three bags.
Vulnerable parts
Note: during the warranty period, Party B provides free services to customers, and Party A is not responsible for the settlement of maintenance fees and service fees with Party B. 5、 It does not belong to the scope and content of "Three Guarantees"
1. Faults caused by the user's failure to use, maintain and adjust according to the "operation manual" (especially the battery regulations, such as: the user fails to drive according to the rated load, resulting in the frame fracture; the user fails to maintain and maintain the vehicle and battery at the maintenance point according to the requirements after long-term use, etc.);
2. The user refits, disassembles and repairs the fault by himself, and decomposes the fault by himself, so that the original state of the fault is destroyed, and the fault cannot be identified and analyzed technically;
3. Without San Bao certificate and valid invoice;
4. Damage caused by force majeure;
5. There is no warranty for wearing parts (such as brake pads, fuses, charging sockets, brake wires, light bulbs, rear-view mirrors, plastic
If the parts, inner and outer tires, car baskets, foot pads, carbon brushes and other accessories not listed in the above chart fail, they shall be purchased by the customer.)
Party A (official seal): XXXXXXXX Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd
Party B (official seal):
Legal representative:
Legal representative: date of signature:
Date of signature:

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