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Service process

Service process

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1. appointment
a) The service station shall establish complete and authentic user files and vehicle maintenance files, so as to actively remind users of appointment and maintenance prompt services
b) Contact customers through consultation, telephone return visit or appointment with customers during the last maintenance
c) The appointment reception personnel shall record the repair and maintenance of the vehicle, and make preparations for the corresponding equipment, spare parts and work stations, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the appointment
d) Propose appointment time suggestions to users according to working time arrangement (with preparation time)
e) Inform the user to bring relevant information (documents, maintenance records, warranty manual, etc.)
F) reconfirm the customer's demand and maintenance time before the end of the appointment, and make a general assessment of the maintenance cost according to the customer's demand, and explain to the customer
g) The appointment content shall be recorded in detail, and the service and Parts Supervisor shall be informed in time
h) Confirm with the user one hour in advance whether the maintenance can be carried out as scheduled, otherwise, make a new appointment
I) if the service station fails to fulfill the appointment time, it shall inform the user in advance, apologize and make a new appointment
2. pick up the car
a) Actively guide customers to park
b) Greet customers politely and introduce yourself. At the same time, ask customers' needs actively and enthusiastically
c) Put protective equipment on the surface (4 sets)
d) Implement customer information and record on the receiving sheet
e) Guide the customers to check the car around, confirm the results of the car around inspection on the car receiving list, and confirm whether there are valuables in the car
F) listen to the fault description and make preliminary judgment
g) Determine the maintenance items and estimate at the time of evaluation, seek the customer's consent (repeat the maintenance items)
h) Make a "pick up list" and confirm with the customer. If you have other needs, please contact me at any time
I) track maintenance
3. Preparation and dispatch
a) The service consultant makes a dispatch list according to the production situation of the workshop
b) The service consultant will hand over the work order and vehicles to be repaired to the workshop
4. Maintenance
a) The maintenance manager must promptly communicate with the service consultant in case of any new problems
b) In case of any change of maintenance items, the service consultant shall again confirm to the user whether to repair the newly found fault
c) No matter whether it is repaired or not, the user shall sign the opinion on the repair entrustment letter
d) The service consultant shall track the progress in the process of vehicle maintenance, coordinate the spare parts and scheduling, keep in touch with the customer, timely contact with the owner in case of failure to deliver the vehicle in time and unconfirmed items, inform and ask the customer for confirmation
5. Completion inspection / internal delivery (quality inspection shall be carried out before the vehicle is returned to the user)
a) After the repair is completed, the maintainer shall carry out self inspection on the repaired items, and hand them over to the next process or quality inspector after confirming that they are qualified, collect the core parts and store them in the designated location, and sign on the repair Commission
b) After self inspection, it shall be submitted to the technical director for inspection
c) The technical director shall sign after passing the inspection and submit it to the service consultant (if the technical director thinks it is unqualified, it shall be repaired again)
6. Delivery / settlement
a) The service consultant shall confirm the maintenance items and service items in advance and inspect the vehicle
b) Warmly and actively accompany the customer to check the maintenance results and show the car cleaning
c) Explain the maintenance items to the customer in terms that the customer can understand
d) Remind the mileage and time of the next service
e) Guide the customer back to the reception hall and print the settlement list
F) explain the working hours and spare parts
g) Explain the settlement list to the customer and ask the customer to sign for confirmation
h) Confirm the time and form of the call back to the customer and record in the work order
I) accompany the customer to check out the account at the check-out counter. The cashier shall explain the content of the fee to the customer and hand over the change and the receipt to the customer
J) after the customer checks out, the service consultant will give the valuables to the customer, and inform the customer if there is any problem, please contact me at any time, and watch the customer leave
7. Follow up
a) After the repair and maintenance, the follow-up personnel must conduct telephone follow-up visit to the repair quality and service quality within 3 days after the customer picks up the car, and make records
b) Apologize to the customer for the maintenance quality and service quality problems
c) When carrying out telephone tracking service, remind the customer of regular maintenance and remind the customer of the reservation service
d) Call tracking records of maintenance quality and service quality problems shall be submitted to the service manager every day
e) The service manager shall submit weekly after-sales telephone tracking quality report to the stationmaster every week, and summarize the tracking services with quality problems in this report

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