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Taizhou Zenghui Auto Co.,Ltd.


Zenghui tenet:

Build a high-quality brand of leisure three wheel electric vehicle and environmental protection electric vehicle to ensure the high quality and low price of products and the strong market competitiveness of enterprises!


Corporate philosophy:

Pragmatic, win-win, integrity to the world!


Strategic objectives:

Building industry aircraft carrier with Zenghui excellent brand.


Product concept:

You can rest assured that I am reliable.


Enterprise spirit:

Constant concern and constant climbing.


Core values of the enterprise:

◆  Customer recognition is the foundation of Zenghui's success
Zenghui provides high-quality and reliable products, timely and efficient services, creates value for customers and profits for enterprises.


  The success of employees is the source of Zenghui's success

Zenghui adheres to the spirit of integrity, integrity and dedication, creates an atmosphere of unity, harmony and progress, demonstrates the value of employees and realizes the vision of the enterprise.


◆  Seeking truth and innovation is Zenghui's way to success

Zenghui people keep learning, open thinking, dare to face difficulties, dare to take responsibility, and firm faith. Always be creative.


  Engineering quality oriented is the successful guarantee of Zenghui

Zenghui takes the project quality as the behavior guide, measures the contribution size and the success standard, sets up the rigorous and practical style, is really a person, does things steadfastly. Let's continue to work together for common development, win-win cooperation and excellent success. Youmi strives to be the best for you!


Your satisfaction is our pursuit!!!


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Sales manager Owen Hu 


Facebook : Owen Hu


Whatsapp : +86-18767676769


Address : 270 Zhenxi Road,Xinqiao Town, Luqiao District,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province

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